Appalachian Regional Healthcare System: Watauga Medical Center

facility condition assessment

  • Details

    • Boone, NC
    • Completed in 2018
    • 279,000 square feet
    • Charlotte Engineers led an architectural/engineering team to complete a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment for Watauga Medical Center. The engineering evaluation addressed all major mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. Recommendations were made based on severity of the deficiencies noted, including immediate repairs (0-1 years), short-term repairs (1-3 years), mid-term repairs (4-6 years), and long-term repairs (7-10 years).  A total of 110 deficiencies and/or areas of improvement were noted.  For each item noted, a cost estimate was determined, and a capital plan was assembled for each interval noted above. This allowed hospital administration to prioritize future projects and to plan for future funding allocations. A utility analysis was also performed on the electricity, natural gas, and water usage of the campus.  This information was used to determine the overall EUI (per square foot energy usage and cost) for the facilities and to attain an EPA Energy Star rating for the facility. This Facility Condition Assessment resulted in the renovation and expansion of many departments in the hospital.