Watauga Medical Center

Replacement Central Energy Plant

Boone, NC

In Construction

$23 Million Construction Value
  • To support a large hospital expansion, a new Central Energy Plant (CEP) was designed to replace the aging existing. Site constraints drove the decision to configure the CEP with 2 floors plus a roof.


  • Central Energy Plant equipment includes:
    • Three 600-ton chillers and cooling towers
    • Five 6M BTU hydronic condensing boilers to serve the expansion
    • Two 300 BHP steam boilers to serve the existing facility
    • Four  7650 KW exterior emergency generators in enclosures located adjacent to the new CEP


  • N+1 redundancy is incorporated into all aspects of the CEP. The new CEP allows the existing to remain in operation until it is time to connect into existing systems, thereby minimizing down time and risk.