Michael E. DeBakey, John L. McClellan & Overton Brooks VA Medical Centers

Green Globes Certification

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center; Houston, TX

John L. McClellan  Memorial Veterans Hospital; Little Rock, AR

Overton Brooks VA Medical Center; Shreveport, LA

Approx. 3,112,159 total square feet

Completed in 2009
  • Our A/E team performed a site survey and condition assessment for the main buildings at each of the three facilities. During the site assessments our team accomplished the following:
    • (1) verified, validated, and documented the number of points the buildings could achieve without any improvements to existing conditions. Each main building at Houston, Little Rock, and Shreveport was assessed at achieving 63, 59, and 66 points, respectively.
    • (2) Collected any necessary data required to document the facilities for certification purposes.
    • (3) Determined the construction and/or policy changes needed to be accomplished to most efficiently bring each building up to minimum standards to successfully receive Green Globe Level II certification.
    • (4) Determined how many additional points each building could gain through physical improvements (construction work) and revisions in existing policies (non-construction work) and the impact those revisions would have on facility’s operations. Prioritized these improvements in terms of the greatest to least benefit-to-cost ratio. Assisted in the writing/implementation of construction and/or policy change needs for minimum certification.
  • Level II certification was the stated goal for all three sites; however, our team attained Level III for the Houston facility.