Atlanta VA Medical Center

Replace Campus Fire Alarm System

Atlanta, GA

$1,142,643 Construction Value

Approximately 138,761 square feet

Construction In Progress
  • This project consists of the upgrade of the existing main Building B fire alarm system. The upgrade includes all 4 floors of the fire alarm system and is phased to perform the work one floor at a time with device demolition limited to the Pharmacy area of Building B. It is the project intent to keep the system active during the renovation period with minimal down time.
  • The upgrade work provides a new Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), Remote Graphic Annunciator, Emergency Voice Communication Panel system, and replacement of 14 Nodes with new Siemens Panels. The existing to remain devices will have the existing cables reentered into the new Node panels and the system reprogrammed and certified by Siemens. The new Nodes will tie into the new main FACP located in Building C with a fiber optic cable in Class X configuration. Conduit and FA cables will be extended to the new devices from the existing system where possible with new home runs to the panels.