Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center

Central Energy Plant Upgrades

Charlotte, NC

Completed in 2013

$20 Million Construction Value

20,000 square feet
  • An energy analysis determined that an upgrade to the existing 40 year old Central Energy Plant (CEP) was economically feasible.
  • Upgrades to the CEP included:
    • A two-story addition to the CEP which created space for two new, high efficiency variable speed 1500-ton centrifugal chillers and electrical switchgear.
    • New variable speed cooling towers and variable flow condenser water pumps were provided for the entire 6000-ton CEP.
    • The existing boilers were replaced with three new 750 BHP boilers and steam distribution headers.
    • Replaced all 24″ chilled water piping.
    • Four new 1500-ton stainless steel cooling towers were installed on top of an exo-skeleton that was constructed to support the 80,000 lb. towers.
    • Three new 2MW generators were added to serve equipment loads including the chillers and HVAC systems.
  • Construction was carefully phased to minimize disruptions to the staff and patients.